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corporate investigations

Modern day white collar crime distinguishes itself through a geographical as well as economical complexity, which generally cannot be grasped by untrained personnel. Only extensive experience in this area will allow for a swift, thorough and confidential handling of the situation.

There are many advantages in having external professionals deal with the matter. Not only can management clearly demonstrate its diligent handling of the situation but a prompt investigation will also allow for the highest level of discretion in combination with the ability to provide management with the opportunity to make well-balanced decisions without any external pressures.

It is the early stage of the investigation which builds the foundation of a successful investigative outcome.

For Palladium Associates it is a matter of course that our investigations are conducted in full compliance with the domestic legal and regulatory requirements. All our analyses and findings are documented in adherence to the highest levels to ensure that even in court, the evidence produced by our experts will be admissable.

Although we use state-of-the-art investigative software accessible to law enforcement agencies, we strongly believe that our clients’ personnel pose the most critical factor in an investigation. It is our experience that intelligence gathered from personnel is frequently more productive than complex and abstract IT analyses. Our professionals are well-trained in obtaining such information.

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