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the origin of the word palladium is: 'to safeguard and protect'.

our people

Edward G Smethurst

LLB (Hons), Solicitor
Chairman, Palladium Associates Plc
Chairman of the Law Society C & I Group North West

Edward started his career as a Litigation Solicitor with Halliwell Landau before moving in 1993 to work with Alvin Shuttleworth at British Nuclear.  Edward spent 7 years working for British Nuclear specialising in high value litigation matters and contentious matters generally.  During this time he dealt extensively with Corporate Governance Security and Investigation matters.

In 2000, Edward joined Ultraframe PLC, a FTSE 250 listed building materials company to become Legal Director.  Edward was an extremely active member of the PLC main board team and was responsible for Corporate Governance.

At Ultraframe, Edward’s legal work also concerned intellectual property litigation and protecting the IP Portfolio.

In 2006, the Ultraframe Group was acquired by the Latium Group and Edward became the legal Director of the enlarged Latium Group, a position he held until June 2010.  During his time at Latium, Edward was responsible for the Corporate Governance for a wide range of businesses to include – Sale Sharks, Latium, Latium Jet Services, The Four Seasons Group in the USA and the Everest Group of Companies.  Edward was also responsible for a variety of Fraud Prevention Investigations.

In June 2010, Edward became Chairman of Palladium Associates PLC and also the Managing Director of Prosperity International Sports Management Limited.

Palladium Associates PLC is a leading company focused on Risk Management and Fraud Investigation and Prevention.  Palladium acts for a number of major PLC’s to include High Street Banks and other major listed organisations.  Edward is also Managing Director of Prosperity International Sports Management, a company which focuses on dealing with high value sports matters.  Prosperity acts for a number of leading professional sports men and women, to include Premiership Footballers and often works closely with Palladium Associates PLC to provide appropriate security solutions.

Peter Giles

Peter has worked for 30 years with Greater Manchester Police (“GMP”) as Detective Chief Inspector with GMP Major Incidents Team. He is a nationally registered Senior Investigating Officer (“SIO”). Peter has completed the National Counter Corruption SIO’s course whilst head of the GMP Counter Corruption Unit. Peter’s investigative background provides Palladium with investigative expertise and experience which is beneficial to both Palladium and its clients.

Marc Becker

Marc is a member of Assurance Team of Ernst & Young LLP in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Marc is also part of Forensic Services Group specialising in white-collar crime and intellectual property infringement cases. In 2004 Marc became Sub-regional Director of investigations at Citigroup. He was responsible for all professional and independent investigations taking place within the Western European and Mediterranean clusters.

In 2007, Marc was appointed the Global Head of Compliance Operations at Commerzbank AG, where he managed and further developed the compliance division.

Marc joined Palladium International in 2011 as Managing Director of the German affiliate, Palladium GmbH.

Alvin Shuttleworth

Alvin is former Company Secretary and Group Legal Director of British Nuclear Fuels plc for 16 years. Alvin is executive Director for all Legal matters, specialising in transport, insurance, Corporate Governance and Security. Alvin had executive responsibility for the global programme and was the chairman of various transport related insurance companies.  Alvin was the Bermuda captive and Board member of the Guernsey captives.

He joined Palladium Associates Plc drawing on his experience as BNFL’s director responsible for transport and security.

Alvin is the UK chairman and International Board member of The International Nuclear Lawyers Association, and is also an Independent Director of ELINI (European Mutual insuring liability risks).

Steve McDowell

Steve has over 25 years experience as in- house counsel acting for two of the UK’s FTSE 100 companies.


Steve was head of legal compliance for BAE Systems Plc, leaving BAE in 2015 having spent 26 years in the role. Steve is an expert in the field of anti- bribery and fraud change programmes and training. Steve was supposed to be involved in the screening of advisors and suppliers, specialising in due diligence and supporting procedures to include gifts, hospitality processes and hardware/ technical data control mechanisms.

At BAE Steve launched an ethics hotline and code of conduct. Steve has worked closely with procurement and commercial functions and has been involved in a variety of high value contractual matters in addition to dealing with disputes. Prior to joining BAE Steve was an in- house laywer at Pilkingtons Plc.

Steve is a member of the Royal Aeronautical Society, the Law Society North West Commerce and Industry Group and is an associate member of the American Bar Association as well as being a solicitor.

Jason Turner

Jason had a full career in the British Army undertaking varying roles within the Royal Engineers such as; minefield intelligence, high risk search, ordinance disposal, demolitions and served in the airborne forces. He achieved senior management status through successive promotions. He also completed nine operational tours in theatres such as Iraq, Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Afghanistan.

Prior to leaving the military in 2010 he completed a degree in security and risk management as well as the NEBOSH national diploma in Occupational Health and Safety.

His first three years in civilian life saw him work as a senior consultant for Control Risks Group, a large risk management company based in London. He took on varying roles including managing high net clients and their assets, working in the Niger delta, Nigeria for International Oil companies protecting them against organised criminals who were stealing oil from their pipelines (bunkering) and preparing full security plans and security management systems for other clients such as Schlumberger.

In 2013 Jason was recruited by Jagal Group. This is a large oil services organisation based out of Lagos who at the time were going through a challenging period due to being in an insecure working environment.  He then spent four years stabilising the organisations remit where it operated for the last three years with zero incident status security wise.

Jason has now joined Palladium employed as its Director of Security.